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     Carting has been an excellent way to connect and enjoy the animals we love.  We manufacture the "Eagle Cart" one of the only proven llama carts that has been field tested and enjoyed for years.  We have excellent llamas that have been trained and now our whole family loves to drive the local trails.  Please visit contact for all your carting needs and orders! 

Eagle Llama Cart

Key Features

  • Extremely well balanced with llama's comfort in mind
  • 26" wheels helps to prevent tipping
  • High quality construction & workmanship
  • Solidly-seated shafts, quickly remove for transport or storage
  • Axle flips for taller llamas
  • Powder-coated finish for durability
  • Choice of seat color in waterproof, marine fabric
  • Oak flooring for a durable and pleasing appearance
  • Rubber bumper guards protect the seat back when stored
  • Brass whip holder and Slow-Moving-Vehicle Sign
  • Weighs 103 lbs.

Niki Kuklenski driving Isle Eagle

For driving a single llama, this cart can do it all!  From the show ring to trails, the Eagle Cart is solid and beautiful; built to ride smoothly with no rattles.  The design evolved from the Jim Logan Harmony cart that is no longer being made.  Niki Kuklenski incorporated some nice features such as removable shafts, rubber bumpers on the seat back, and improved seat design to make this a truly comfortable, easily-transportable cart.  This cart is the choice of seven out of the last eight National Driving Champions.  Click here for assembly instructions.  Click here for parts identification.  Click here for cart dimensions.

Price: $875 plus shipping to continental United States for approximately $200-$250.

Llama driving is a fun pastime both for the llama and the driver.  Driving with friends is the ultimate.  It's a great way to keep your llamas in shape, too.  Ideal places to drive are relatively level dirt or gravel roads with little or no other traffic.  Asphalt is okay, but watch the temperature on hot summer days.





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